Born in Palma in 1992, Laura is the latest incorporation to our team, she finished her degree on Business on 2014 and in 2015 she finished a master on accounting and auditing.

In 2016 she came to 36-40 group for helping us with the administration and accounting of the company.

Joan Muñoz

Technical architecture

Telecommunications engineer from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, designer of telecommunications infrastructures in residential and local buildings since 99 and hotels such as the Hilton Sa Torre, specialist in home automation.

Daniel Sánchez

  Founder and CEO  of 36-40 Group

Laura Llambias


Born in Palma on june 1977, he began his professional career in a family construction company in 1993 managing accounting and administration, in 2000 he founded the company Cecadasa with the purpose of developing multifamily buildings and so he did, constructing more tan 200 apartments distributed on more tan 15 buildings.

In 2005 he founded the Company Absis Projectes i Obres SL with Mónica Sánchez and Daniel Sánchez López simultaneously of Cecadasa, for the purpose to develope two promotions of 31 apartments, which they did succesfully.

In 2012 he founded 36-40 group with Juan de Dios Aguayo.

Jessica García

  Technical Department 36-40pm

Miguel Arcas


Pep Merino


Technical architect and graduate in building, university professor of Architectural survey with new technologies.

Technical architect and Building engineer, university professor in the field of static and resistance of materials, structures and rehabilitation among others, member of the research team of the UIB

Degree in History by the University of the Balearic Islands in the year 85, specialized in the archeology branch, he has done among other important interventions such as the rehabilitation of the Son Espases building.

Born in Palma on 1990, in 2010 she finished her studies as design draughtman and after a period working in Milan, she came back to Spain to study the degree as  Building Engineer on the University of Illes Baleares  finishing succesfully in 2013.

In 2014 she began working at a Plaster board Company, joining to 36-40 group in 2015 through our colaboration with the University.

She is being trained by us through several projects of new buildings and rehabilitation as well, doing a fantastic job at the company.

 Architect by the School of Architecture of Barcelona with 31 years of experience, he has directed the culture area of ​​the College of Architects, author of several competitions such as the Manacor Residence, Moll Vell Building, Pollença in Pollença and Finalist of the Prize of Architecture of Mallorca in 2003, with great experience in the rehabilitation with such emblematic projects as the facade of the Hostal Cuba, the Superior School of Design, the Department of Education, Theater of Calviá and others.

Juan de Dios Aguayo  Founder and CEO  of 36-40 Group


Born in Palma on october 1978, she finished her degree on veterinary on 2001 and start her professional career in the largest vet clinic in Palma, Canis.

In 2003, maybe influenced by the passion for the construction world that she was breathing at home, she made a radical change on her profesional career joining to Cecadasa, the construction company of her family where she was on charge of interior designing of the projects and decorating some of that apartments once finished for the new propietors.

In 2004 she  began her studies of technical architecture.

In 2005 she founded the Company Absis Projectes i Obres SL with Daniel Sánchez and Daniel Sánchez López.

In 2008 she got her degree as Technical Architecture and in 2009 took a break on her job starting to work in Palma  Town Hall at the department of building permits in urbanism.

In 2013 she got her degree as Building Engineer

In 2016 she moved to the urban planning department in the Town Hall in Palma.

In 2017 she came to 36-40Group founding the line of Interior design.

Borja Fernández

Safe & safety / delineation

J.Antonio Cortés



Our Company is formed by the best  professionals of the sector of urbanism, design and construction, it is very difficult to sumarize a whole life dedicated to that fascinating world but we would like you to know us a Little bit more.

Mónica Sánchez

  Founder and CEO  of 36-40 Id

Born in Córdoba (Andalucía) on april 1973, he began his professional career in banking in 1997, in 2000 was assigned to  Dominican Republic as a delegate of "Bancaja" in the "Banco Popular Dominicano" through a joint venture collaboration with the largest financial institution in that country with the objective of managing Commercial relations of Bancaja's clients between that country, Miami and Mexico.

In the year 2003 decides to return to Spain and so he did becoming director of Bancaja in the main office of promoters of baleares in full boom of the construction.

In the year 2004 he founded a construction company with the objective of buying, renovating and selling apartments in old Town which he did succesfully until 2008 simultaneously with his job at Bancaja.

In the year 2006 he founded another company with the objective to design souvenirs under the Brands "I love Palma", "I Love Mallorca", "I Love Barcelona", the company grew-up and it began to sell that souvenirs as well, producing them at Poland, Portugal and China and being sold to shops troughout all Spain. In the year 2010, tired of this businees, he sold the company to "Grupo LK" a big souvenir group in Madrid. 

In 2012 he quit his job at the bank and joint with Daniel Sánchez founding the group 36-40

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